Keep it Chic this season with Schuh’s black Playdown Boots!

Girrrrrl, what are you waiting for? It’s the perfect time to treat yourself to these suede beauties from Schuh. Remember, there’s just enough time to put them on your Christmas wish list! *if you don’t ask, you don’t get*

A classic designed mid top boot featuring subtle decorative stitched detail with a durable rubber sole, what more could you ask for? Black Playdown boots go with about everything, from skinny jeans, dresses and skirts! The combos are unlimited; Let us give you the 411 on keeping it Chic this winter…1413577050m1_exlg

If you try any of these looks, don’t forget to take a #OFTD pic and tag #SCHUH, you may feature on the websites Style Gallery.


For a relaxed look – pop on your favourite pair of black tights matched with a long cozy jumper to keep you nice and warm, polo necks are soooo in right now BTW! If you want to dress up a little more, why not accessorize your outfit up with a fringed suede bag and winter hat to be the ultimate fashionista. Ooh la la, the perfect winter look I’d say!


Want to ar1413577050m5_exlgrive in style but not in the mood for heels? Throw your stilettos to the side and get Playdown on your feet for a super edgy look. You can pair this up with a shift dress or suede skirt and tucked in top for a super versatile look – day or night. Trust us, it’s that easy. Give it a go!


*TREND ALERT* Roll up, make sure you roll up them jeans! Get your ankles out with your everyday jeans, High-waited, skinny or boyfriend, Playdown will complement all styles! You can match this up with a casual T-shirt or checkered shirt. Feelin a tad chilly? Tuck your jeans in or pop on some glittery socks and you can show your booties off to the world, #CHILLIN!1413577050m3_exlg

PSSSST! Here’s a heads up, these boots are suede so keep them protected with Use Protection Spray, available at Schuh Stores. We want your boots to look their best and so should you!

So if you’re out and about this festive season, Playdown Boots will be your best friend. They will no doubt match up with your wardrobe. An essential in our eyes fo’sure!

FUN FACT – Did you know that the Desert style boot was inspired by the South African Veldskoen “FELL-skoon” walking shoe from the 17th Century? Naaaaa neither did we, you learn something new every day ehh?

(Product Code: 1413577050)

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